Monday, February 27, 2006

Tips for Hiring a Great Siding Contractor

Installing siding on a home can greatly improve the look, and the value, of the home, but it is important to hire a contractor you can trust. Listed below are some tips for hiring the best person for the job.

1. Think about the type of siding you want to use. Aluminum and vinyl siding are both less costly and easier to care for, while clapboard siding is more expensive and also requires more maintenance.

2. Make sure that the siding contractor you choose has experience installing the type of siding you have chosen. By the time you get around to choosing a contractor, you should already know what type of siding you will be installing.

3. Ask friends, neighbors and family members for recommendations. If you like the looks of your neighbor’s siding, be sure to ask where they got it and who installed it.

4. Contact several siding contractors, using both the recommendations you received and the telephone book.

5. Ask the potential siding contractors to visit the site and provide a quote for the job based on the siding material you have selected.

6. Always be sure that the contractor has experience installing your specific kind of siding. Not all siding contractors will be able to install all kinds of siding.

7. Provide the siding contractor with a written list of the things you need, and make sure all siding contractors are given the same set of specifications. This will make it much easier to compare bids.

8. If removal of old siding is needed, make sure that the quote you receive includes removal and disposal of the unwanted siding.

9. Always be sure to get references from your potential siding contractors. Be sure to follow up on these references. Ask open, leading questions in order to ascertain how satisfied each customer is with his or her siding.

10. Choose the siding contractor based on a combination of your overall impressions, price and experience. Do not choose a siding contractor based on price alone.

11. Work out a contract which specifies the work which is to be done, the total cost, the schedule for payment, any down payment required, the proposed starting date and the estimated date of completion.

12. Be sure that the contract stipulates that the siding contractor is responsible for removing any old siding, as well as any debris that accumulates during the installation of the siding.


Anonymous EPDM Coating said...

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Anonymous Sandra Ludwig said...

Siding contractors have the biggest part to install them professionally good. Before anything else, you should plan ahead on what kind of sidings you want. It's true that asking friends and acquaintances for referrals will help you get a good siding contractor.

2:14 AM  
Blogger aliah said...

Select a contractor based upon price, experience and your impression..and one thing you should keep in mind is that..make sure the contractors are including the removal of old siding..if it is necessary.
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