Thursday, February 16, 2006

How to Purchase Siding for Your Home

Siding is one of the most beautiful, and most durable of all exterior home treatments, but with so many different kinds on the market it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right kind. It is important to shop around carefully for the best price and the best quality.

Take the following steps when shopping for the best siding for your home:

1. Carefully calculate the square footage of the part of the home where the siding will be applied.

2. Think about the kind of siding you prefer. The least expensive options are vinyl and aluminum siding, and both of these options also have the advantage of having low maintenance needs. Shakes and wood clapboard are more expensive options, but they also need more maintenance, especially if they are pained and not stained.

3. Look far and wide for ideas. Browse through your favorite home and design magazines, and be sure to look on the internet for inspiration as well. Looking at all these sources will help give you a good idea of what kind of material will look best on your home.

4. Once you have determined which type of siding best suits your needs, be sure to shop around for the best price. The prices on vinyl and aluminum siding, as well as the more expensive shakes and wood clapboard, can vary quite a bit between stores. Be sure to compare prices and quality carefully.

5. When choosing a supplier, be sure to consider the various quality levels the supplier has available. Most suppliers will have several different grades of siding for the buyer to choose from. For instance, the highest quality (and most expensive) wood siding will contain the fewest number of knots. Better grades of aluminum and vinyl siding will be heavier, and have a more natural appearance. Be sure to ask about the warranties offered with each grade of siding.

6. Be sure to consult with the contractor who will be installing the siding before making the final purchase. Be sure to confirm the quantity needed for the job, and to make sure that the contractor you have chosen has the experience needed to do the job.

7. Finally, order the amount of siding you need, in the material you have chosen, and make an appointment to have it installed on your home.

8. Enjoy the finished product and care for it according to the manufacturers’ specifications.


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