Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How to Choose a Reliable Home Alarm System

The roof over your head is your most important asset, and it just makes sense to protect that asset and those you love with a quality home alarm system. Home alarm systems can be expensive and complicated, so it is important to determine what your security needs are before you start looking for a home alarm.

The steps involved in finding the perfect home alarm include:

1. Take a look around the exterior of your home to look for the weak spots in security. Look for windows and doors that are not visible from the street, those that are hidden by shrubbery and those that are on the back of the house.

2. Count the number of such doors and windows. These doors and windows should have sensors installed and be integrated into the home alarm system.

3. Look for good spots for the keypad and control center of the alarm system. It may be convenient to place one keypad near the entrance to the front door of the home, another near the bedrooms and a third one on the second story of the home. Also find a good location for the control center. The control center is used to command the entire system, while the keypads allow users to program the system and turn it on and off.

4. Look at how far away the windows and doors are from the control panel. This will help you determine how far the wires will need to be routed if you choose a wired alarm system, or alternatively hw far a wireless system will need to communicate using sensors. Unless the home is still being built, it will be very difficult to install a wired system.

5. Decide on what type of monitoring you will need. Will you need a home security system that is monitored 24 hours a day? This central monitoring system will “watch” your home day and night for a monthly fee. In lieu of this 24 hour monitoring, some people opt for the less expensive option of a basic sensor type system connected to a dialer. This dialer can be programmed to call the police if the home alarm is tripped.

6. When thinking about your alarm system needs, consider your lifestyle. Do you have large pets that could trip the alarm system? If so you will want to position the sensors at an appropriate height. Will your family members be coming in at odd hours? You will need to be sure that every adult or teenage member of the family knows how to work the system properly.


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Some burglars, when stirred by a homeowner who has become conscious of the occurring break in, tend to inflict harm and yes, we may even lose our loved ones when our house catches fire during our sleep.

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One very important element of having an alarm system in the house is those stickers and little signs on houses already equipped with one. More often than not, these signs have a psychological effect on potential home invaders that may help you even you ward them off even when you have forgotten to turn the system on.

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Home alarm systems provide security 24/7 and with you not having to move a muscle. Just switch it on, and you'll be safe loafing around or going about your business.

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